Saturday, September 11, 2010


This summer zipped by so fast and now it is September already! I am just going to recap some of the things that I can remember.

June is our busy month with 5 Birthdays. Mr. Lincoln turned 1, is walking and trying to talk...he is always telling us things and we have no idea exactly what they are but we know they are important. He is the sweetest little guy with a smile and dimples to die for. He makes us laugh!

Sydney turned 4!!! She has taken the training wheels off her bike and is doing really well. She has started school again this past week and was REALLY excited. She had a fun summer playing with the neighborhood kids, her parents took her on some really fun day trips to the lake and hiking for geocaches. She makes my day with all of her grown-up talk. She told me the other day that she wanted to go to Aunt Janet's to make a necklace for her mom...she said, "I am free on Tuesday next week...the other days I am busy, so you could ask Aunt Janet if we can come on Tuesday". What 4 year old says that they are free on any day?

Ivy is 4 and her and Syd play really well together. They are on the same page in life. She loves to be silly, make up stories at night, and she is really a good bike rider. I guess during the summer for swimming lessons they would ride their bikes to the pool every day...Alisa would have a bike trailer on her bike and Kaitlee and Ivy would ride along. She is one tough little girl! I love her big eyes and happy face when she tells me things. When she is not happy and I want her to get happy I always say...where are your sparkle eyes...she has the brightest blue eyes. Then she smiles and there they are!!

Reesie turned 3!!! She is at that really fun age where she still likes to sit on your lap and just tell you all kinds of things. She always has kisses for you and hugs. She was at my house and the boys across the street came over to see the dogs and visit. These boys are 15 and 16 years old and they were talking to Reesis and she didn't know what to think of them...she looked at me and said, "these nice boys and they not going to hurt me?" I said, Yes these are really nice boys and they are not going to hurt you...then she looked at them and said, 'yous nice boys and yous not going to hurt me." Then she got down and went off to gotta love her.

Alisa and Marissa had birthdays also so we went for pedicures and and had a fun day. I really enjoy the times we all get together. I just wish it was more often. I love them both and a very thankful for them in our family.

In July Scott and I got to go on TREK with our stake. We were over all the activities so it was a big job and Scott did most of the work. It was at the end of July, really hot, I made it and there was never a question about Scott...he's a trooper. I can't tell you how much I love him!! On the 16th we will have been married for 33 years...oohhh man that is a long time! But than look and see what we have...this wonderful family and grandchildren.

In August we all went on a family vacation together. We rented a cabin in Idaho and took our bikes, went on day trips to see Yellowstone Park, ate good food and enjoyed each other. This was really fun and I hope to make it something we do every year. The kids had fun taking turns riding in grandma and grandpa's car so we had 2 at a time together. I was really sad when it was time to come home...seeing each one every day was so fun. Another thing I enjoyed was see my boys being DADS. That is a blessing for a mother to see her boys taking care of his children, helping his wife. Jared and Jake are really good dad's and husbands, I am very proud of them for the job they are doing.

Well now it is September...fall is in the air and another huge birthday month. School has started and things are getting quite again. Beckett is getting really big and is so sweet...he still smells wonderful. He has such a big smile and loves to talk to you. He's not much on sleeping so I really feel sorry for Marissa but she is handling it all so well. Kaitlee is in 1st grade......she is so big and loves school. She told me her teacher was the nicest one in the whole school! She will be 7 on the 30th of this flies. They all bring me such joy and I love them more than I can say in words. Scott and I just try to enjoy each day and pray that everyone is well and has what they need.

Monday, May 3, 2010


This has been such a cold and long spring!! A lot has happened so I'll get to it. On April 28th Jake and Marissa had their sweet new son Beckett Jacob Maxfield born. He was 8 lb, 12 oz and 21 inches long...big boy. All went well for Marissa and he came healthy and strong. Sydney loves her new brother and is such a big helper for Marissa, how ever the dog has been a bit jealous. The first few days he was not very happy that she had her arms full day and night. But all and all everything is wonderful! Syd is getting so big and has enjoyed all of her new friends in our neighborhood. She will be 4 in June!

Kaitlee and Ivy are in soccer this spring...Jared is coaching both teams. Kaitlee's team is getting a bit better and Ivy's is still (swarm ball) as my old boss used to call it. They both look so cute in their uniforms. Lincoln is crawling all over the place and will walk soon. He is such a happy little guy and his smile melts your hart. Reesie is just trying to keep up and she is so independent...sweet and stubborn all at the same time. She will be 3 in June and Lincoln will be 1 in June. They are all doing well and are health! They are all getting so big and I just hate how fast the days and weeks go by. They make my life so full and happy and I love them all so much.

Jake and Jared are working at Broken Arrow and Alisa and Marissa are at home with the kids. They are really good parents! Scott works very hard and tries to do what I tell him.

Friday, March 12, 2010


MARCH! I can't decide if I hate March more than January? Both are not my favorite. Well I have been snowshoeing 4 or 5 time this year and have had a very fun time. I can't wait until we can go hiking again also. Scott and I went on a trip the end of January to Arizona and had a fun time in the sunshine. We went to see his sisters in Quartzsite and to Tucson for a few days and I really enjoyed that city. We were in the car a lot but had a good time.

The grand kids are all well and growing so fast that every time I see them they have changed. Last time I saw Lincoln he was crawling all over the place trying to keep up with the rest of them. Jared has built a really cool porch in his garage off his door to the house that will be totally awesome for his kids to put all their stuff so it's not in the house. Good job Jer! Ivy and Sydney spent the weekend together not to long ago and they crack me up...Scott and I laughed for 2 days. They live in this world of fantasy and real life that only 4 year old's could live in. One minuet they are moms taking care of all the babies and the next they are shining the monster light every where to get the monsters out of the house. Crazy! One thing I know for sure is that they are so fun and I enjoy them all so much that I can't imagine my life with out them! They are truly the joys of my life. Jake and Marissa are getting close to having the baby...the first week of May our sooner if you talk to Marissa. They are getting settled in their home down stairs...she has made it very cozy for them. Sydney had made if very clear that her house is downstairs and grandma's is up...when she leaves to go home she will say, bye grandma I am going home now. One day Marissa left and she left her down on the couch watching a show and it wasn't to long before she came up and said, I need to come up because nobody is home and I am all alone. I am grateful that they are able to be with us. Life is good and I know that I am blessed every day. Enjoy the spring and hopefully it will get warmer so we can go out and play.

Monday, January 11, 2010


YES...we made it to the end and now Jake and Marissa and Sydney are in there own place! It looks so beautiful and they are getting things put away. Sydney was sooo exited for her new room and she slept so good the 1st night. We will have some pictures soon. I just want to thank Scott for all he has done to make this all happen and his patience with all of us, mostly ME! This has been a huge project and we still have stuff to do but we can see the end of the tunnel.

This week is really is Ivy's 4th Birthday on Tuesday!! We are going to her house after pre school for a party with all her friends and then it is out with Grandma for her date. I usually take them out to lunch and shopping but this year we'll go to an early dinner. They get to pick where we go so for about a month now she has been telling everyone that we are going to Applebee's. I think that it is so fun to take them on their own and have a date. Alisa gets them all dressed up for our dates so when I go to get them they are waiting for me all excited to is so adorable.

I hope that everyone had a Happy New Year. We are not enjoying the smog that the new year brought to our valley. This is why I love to go get into the mountains and up above the smog layer and we are about ready to get at it. Every time I try to complain about the winter I get "the look" from Scott because he needs it to snow! So I try not to say much to him. Enjoy your week and get up to the sunshine!!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Happy New Year!

I just want to say that we had a wonderful Christmas with our family. The kids all enjoyed the present that they received. We were home for Sydney to open her gifts from Santa and than we went to Jared and Alisa's to see what the other kids received form Santa. This is something that we started last go to their homes in the morning to see what they got and visit for a while. I have really enjoyed it! It seams to be a lot nicer to have them in their own place and play with all the things that they got and have them show us. We had our family dinner at our home Christmas night and this year we tried a new game called the "present pass". It was really fun! We enjoyed turkey dinner. I am so thankful for this time of year and our family, all the kids and the love we have for each other and the blessings that our Heavenly Father has given us once again this year. I hope that you all have a good New Year.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

6 More Days!

I can't believe that their is only 6 more days until Christmas...we have been crazy around here. Today the frig, stove, microwave and the dishwasher are on their way to our new home in the basement. Okay Jake and Marissa's new home. We have picked out everything that their is to pick out and now we are just waiting for it all to arrive. The trim is almost done and it looks so good. I am excited for Christmas and having everyone home...that is my favorite part when we are all together. I hope you all will enjoy your weekend and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Christmas is Coming!

Well November whizzed by and now here we are into December. We had a fun Thanksgiving with all the kids...Ivy came and sleep over with Sydney on Wed. and they all come for dinner on Thursday. We all enjoyed the good food and we took some pictures of the crew that were cute. I just have to say that they are growing up and they are at really fun ages now...they all have their own personality that are adorable. They make my heart happy! The basement is coming a long...we are down to the counter tops will come the first of the week and we need to finish the bathrooms, get the base boards on and the carpet!!! YEAH! It looks so wonderful and Jake, Marissa and Sydney are getting excited too. Life is wonderful and this is the best time of year...enjoy your families.